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Digvijay Patil

It was only here that I realised, that it is through knowledge that we seek pride in ourselves and I will remember that, all my life. The only thing that I can promise now, is to bring honour to our institute through whatever I do in the future.Thank you once again for a great educational

Megha Savant

Dr. A. D. Shinde Institute has some of the best facilities and the level of support is good with all round professional help if you need it. It is one of the best Institute I have ever come across. Keep it up and lots of thanks for such a gentle service you have provided

Suryakant Patil

The ideas and the material were presented in such a way as to make the course interesting, even to an overworked and often bored during long lecture, student. I found both the methods of instructions and teaching style to be, without any suggestions of improvement. You provided an exceptionally interesting peak into what was previously