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Computer Engineering

As technological innovation produces in a lot the possibilities for growing the field of Processing grow even more quickly. The Computer Engineering Course gives a sound grounding in the basic concepts of computing and an understanding of the actual engineering concepts. The focus is on the Computer System designed as an element within your personal computer Network, as well as Information Technology.

Today computer industry needs convenient people who are similarly at home introducing business solutions to mature control as finding the mistake in a piece of code. This course is ideal for those who see their initial career in a wide-ranging role. Work should include IT company, IT support, specialist, designer, components professional, program and program manager etc. Many learners get confessed to MS Programs of respected Colleges abroad

  • Departmental Library
    1. Apart from the College collection, the Division has a individual retail collection made up of more than 50 headings. It has a good collection of academic as well as management and soft skills books. The collection also have academic CDs/DVDs.
  • Development/Consultancy tasks for sectors.
  • Extra training by business individualities in growing systems.
    1. The learners are motivated to perform National Level Specialized symposium to enhance their knowledge with the latest enhancements and at the same time develop the managing abilities among them.
    2. 24 hours Lab & High-speed 10 Megabyte per second Internet features with Wi Fi Connection.
    3. Centralized hosting server for application programs as well as huge e-learning resources and programs like Departmental Web Website for on line access for source material & Projects.
    4. Lectures by prestigious ability from Industries experts on core Computer Engineering Topics.
    5. Online academic setting for training Development Dialects like C++, C#.

Department Information

1Total No. of class rooms2
2Total No. of Labs7
3No. of Lecturers7
4No. of Lab Assistant2
5No. of Workshop Instructor6
6Total Faculty8
7Supporting Technical staff1
8Supporting Non Technical staff2
9Total Number of Publication3
10Total Number of License Software10
11Total Number of Computer65
12Total Area1274 Sq.m
Administrative Area : 150 Sq.m. Class Room Area : 314 Sq.m. Laboratory Area : 810 Sqm.

  • No. of Seats: 60
  • No. of Seats: 12 (for Direct 2nd Year)
Entry Level:
  • For 1st year: 10 / SSC Merit(Minimum 35% )
  • For 2 nd Year: 12 th Science/ Vocational/I.T.I. (Minimum 60% )